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Tax Debt Relief

Overwhelmed, we contact the IRS so you don't have to

Step 1

Call for your free consultation and let's discuss your tax situation so we can help you.

Step 2

Your Tax Debt Relief Specialist will investigate your tax situation and make a plan to resolve your tax situation.

Step 3

We'll talk you through your resolution options and make a plan to get you tax debt relief.


Most frequent questions and answers

During Step 2 we conduct an in depth analysis of your tax and financial situation to discover if the tax debt is owed.

Your financial situation substantiates your ability to pay and whether you qualify for various tax debt relief resolution options.

At the end of the analysis we will create a tax debt resolution plan that is tailored and just right for you.

We charge two fees, one for Step 2 the Analysis and the other for the
Resolution. Both fees have our Price Lock Guarantee (the price we quote
is the price you get). At the end of our free consultation, if you
decide to have Obiang Financial Services perform the analysis, you can lock in
the Step 2 fee. At the end of the Analysis, after we have clearly
explained your options, you can lock in the Resolution fee.

No two tax debt situations are the same. We only charge you fixed flat fees, other providers may charge by the hour. Just because you owe a lot doesn’t mean that the resolution will be expensive.

Our CPA’s can solve any tax issue, no matter how complex. An expert will analyze your issue for free and provide your price before getting started

Why Obiang Financial Services?

We deal with the IRS so you don't ever have to

We know tax law, maximum refund guaranteed

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